Call for submissions

Are you looking to become a published author?
Do you have a story of hope, healing, growth or transformation from 2020 and beyond?
If so, keep reading.

We are assembling a collection of inspiring voices to share their ‘liminal moment’ from recent years.

What is a ‘liminal moment’?

It’s that moment in time when you know you can no longer stay where you are, but you’re not quite clear on or ready to step into the future. You’re on the precipice. In transformation. At your threshold. Between two worlds.

Accepted authors will receive a featured chapter in the book, and will receive full editorial and coaching support to ensure the book is of a high quality standard. 

Your story will form part of our exciting forthcoming anthology – 

Liminal Moments: Stories of Hope and Healing.  

A graphic featuring a book cover. On the over is a heart made up of tiny hearts in a rainbow of colours. Above it the text reads 'Liminal Moments: Stories of Hope and Healing". Below the heart the text reads "Vanessa Barrington, An anthology by Healing House Publishing"

In 2020 everything changed.

Australian bushfires, West Coast bushfires, the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matters.

Trump impeachment, Beirut explosion, Prince Harry and Megan quit the royal family, Harvey Weinstein verdict, mass cancellations, international travel and events at a stand still. 

Each shift demanded we get comfortable with a new height of constant uncertainty.

It sparked the beginning of an energetic shift that happened globally and within each and every one of us. 

The world as we knew it, would never be the same. 

New routines, new energy, new understandings, new rules. 

New ways of living. New ways of dying. 

We are seeking stories from individuals to share their own ‘liminal moment’ between 2020 and the present day. 

Please attach your story up to 2000 words maximum in .docx or .doc format only.